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SDG Blockchain Wiki

Hello Citizens of Conscience_\!/ here is a simple wiki to begin pooling the resources and planning of the Republic Of Conscience and related SDG projects.

SEE founding Citizens of Conscience here

To start learning about the project, have a look at: Julian's bounty_box_0.1.1.pdf or Nicolas' misc ideas: misc.doc and DaLong's sketches, whiteboards and writings.

(Please submit the files you have and you want to share as Nicolas lost some when he changed his phone.- Thanks Nicolas for setting this Wiki up.)

We hope that each Citizen will add their profile (including Selfie3 photo) and a brief description of how they intend to contribute to the building of the Republic Of Conscience.

What is it about?

The goal is to find solutions to progress toward the UNO 17 SDG.

You can find more about our projects.

Join the Community

To participate, please register on the wiki and add a page with your description and 3 finger photo.

Everyone who is actually working on one of the related projects is welcome here (no lurking without contribution)

Please include in your description:

1.) Your name or alias and a Selfie3 (Required) 2.) Where you are in the world. 3.) Your background / qualifications 4.) What specific part of the project you want to work on and what you want to do.


The people currently involved include:

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